Resolve 14.1.1 Crashing with Decklink

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Philipp Peyer

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Resolve 14.1.1 Crashing with Decklink

PostWed Dec 06, 2017 7:49 pm

Hi there,

I`m using Davinci Resolve for a while now - it`s working great, but i`m getting the same problem again and again:

first of all: if i get Resolve running and don`t close it, it runs fine without problems!

but when i`m closing Resolve an open it again sometimes Resolve won`t even start (the running Resolve-Process can`t be killed) - after an reboot everything is Running fine again.
Sometimes Resolve restarts fine when i close it - but most of the Time it starts, projects loads without problems - when i want to playback and Resolve tries to put-out the Picture via my SDI-Card it says, that it can`t set the Videomode and can`t enable the Video-output. - When that problem ocours one time i have to reboot to get the Decklink working again.

Whats interesting: in an earlier Version of Resolve it only crashed when using 1080p25, but every time, so i never git 1080p25 working - now 1080p25 is working great, but sometimes it crahes as described.

System Specs:
Windows 10 Pro x64 10.0.15063 Build 15063
Asus Rampage Extreme IV
Intel i7-3820
Decklink HD Extreme 3
3x GTX 680
16 GB DDR3-Ram (HyperX)
System SSD 256 GB
2x 2 TB HDDs

LOG-Files: ... 5lgDa?dl=0

Thank you very much for your support & and sorry for my bad english.

EDIT: Resolve Version is: v14.1.1.005

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