Resolve Editing with Selects or Source Timelines

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Resolve Editing with Selects or Source Timelines

PostSat Dec 09, 2017 9:28 pm


I mainly use Avid for editing and what I like most ist the ability to throw all my footage into a sequence
and then cut the best stuff into a selects reel and then I start my first roughcut from that reel.

This is a fast workflow and what I like in Avid ist that I can:

1. Load one timeline into the viewer/player/left side, while the timeline I cut into always stays in the recorder/right side.

2. Switch the timeline view with a shortcut, so I see what's going on in the source timeline.
But I don't have to load the sequence into the recorder. I just switch the timeline view to see the player side.
(Not the picture, the timeline and the arrangement of the clips)

3. After each overwrite, the source sequence stays activated and I can continue watching the source.
So after overwrite, I just hit play again and the player side stays activated.

In Da Vinci Resolve, this is what I found out:

I can load a timeline to the viewer, but when cutting I get a nested sequence, which I can then decompose. When I drag the selected clips (in and out point in viewer) into the timeline while holding the command key, the
sequence is not nested. Which is what I want. But I don't want to drag or decompose, this is not a fast workflow.
I just want to cut a sequence from left to right using overwrite, without getting a nested sequence.

Then I found a shortcut to switch the view between the 2 sequences, which is already quite helpful.

I really would like to edit more in Resolve, but this simple workflow is the main reason I stick to Avid.
Also the stacked timeline thing in Premiere was not really my style of editing.
Maybe I make a feature request regarding this style of selecting footage.

But: Is anybody having some ideas regarding this workflow, is there another way of cutting like this in Resolve?

Thank you,


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