RX6 Workflow

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RX6 Workflow

PostSat Dec 09, 2017 10:31 pm

Does anyone have any workflow suggestions about using Izotopes RX6? I’ve been using RX6 within 12.5 the last couple of years and even though Izotope advises against it (the don’t support using it within the application, only as a stand alone) it’s worked perfectly. I mostly use the dialogue denoise and I’ve never had a problem. It’s brilliant.

I’ve now loaded 14 onto another computer and I am running some tests and early signs are that this isn’t going to work in the same way (running it within the application).As much as I am trying to avoid going in and out of different applications all the time, I think with RX I don’t think I have any other options.

If I say, open my media browser in DR, go show in finder with the audio track I want to edit, open the track I want to clean up, make my adjustments then that part I understand. What I don’t understand is what happens next. If I export the file back to the same folder, same name then haven’t I changed that file forever? I think this one might be a deal breaker for me changing up to 14 unless someone has a simple non destructive workflow that they can suggest.

I am on OSX.

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Marc Wielage

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Re: RX6 Workflow

PostSun Dec 10, 2017 2:28 am

My tactic is to use iZotope RX in standalone mode and do it on a clip-by-clip basis. I'm skeptical of trying to us it as a plug-in on a track. I think it's better to bring both the noise-reduced track and the original track to the session, then let the re-recording mixer (or the editor, whoever is doing the final mix) decide which to use.
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Jeff Brass

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Re: RX6 Workflow

PostSun Dec 10, 2017 5:42 am

I agree with Mark in not using RX6 within Fairlight. I've been using the stand alone RX for a while now, but on my current large project I've actually moved to using Reaper with RX plugins, wave plugins plus a bunch of others. Izotope is fantastic most of the time but its unwillingness to get along with some other plugins became a bit frustrating.

With Reaper, its easy to have a bunch of plugins all doing their thing at the same time ( ie for dialogue - compressor, noise reduction, eq, loudness/leveller, truepeak limiter etc etc) so you can easily hear what it sounds like with everything and then start to adjust each thing to get a good mix - rather then do noise red, apply, then start EQ to find the noise reduction has limited what can be done, go back and adjust etc etc.

as for workflow. (the way I do it - may be good, maybe not - but works for me)
1) audio - create a duplicate folder called EDITS and append each file name with EDIT
2) place clips and audio from EDITS (even though not worked on yet) into TL in Resolve
this is so I can get rough cut RUSHES out without having to have worked up audio first.
3) In Reaper, I work on the whole audio track (from the EDIT folder), making sure the needed person voice is whats sounding good
4) save the reaper edit without changing the name - which means it's automatically updated in Resolve. So all the current cuts have the edited audio, and any new cuts also have the new audio.

sorry - for it being long winded - I promise I'm better with a camera then I am with words :)
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John Paines

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Re: RX6 Workflow

PostSun Dec 10, 2017 1:01 pm

In Windows, the use of RX6 plugins is so limited in R14, you really don't want to risk it (am not sure about 12.5--OP might want to look at it again).

The GUI is fine, but any latency which is apparent in real-time playback will also be there in exports. One or two plugins might work, but even that calls for caution.

Could be different in OSX, but be warned.

Jeff Brass wrote:With Reaper, its easy to have a bunch of plugins all doing their thing at the same time

What OS? In Windows, the GUI of Reaper plugins is truncated in R14. And have you tested for sync?

Jeff Brass

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Re: RX6 Workflow

PostMon Dec 11, 2017 3:42 am

sorry if not clear - I don't use plugins at all in Fairlight at the moment, have had way too many issues, as you say sync, but also crashing, not applying correctly...or not at all on render.
I do all my audio work in Reaper - outside of Resolve, then bring the finished track/s back into DR and sync.

I'm using windows 10, DR 14.1.1. Have had several instances where - even with RX plugins - the project crashes and won't run again until I disable plugins (rename the folder) BEFORE starting DR. Doesn't find the plugins so doesn't crash.
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