Issue when exporting jpg2000 on one frame

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François Zaïdi

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Issue when exporting jpg2000 on one frame

PostMon Mar 05, 2018 4:09 pm

Hello all,

I verified a 4K DCP of my short film in a theater this morning. One frame flashed grey.
Back in the studio, the j2c file has actually been encoded grey.
We switch to the 2K DCP (spare), and one frame was also grey, but at another time code, albeit it was the same shot of the main female character (different source file though). Here is the faulty frame in 2K : ... rTMrT0x+o=

So my question is :
- Why did resolve did not abort, or at least flagged the output, saying hey, don't use that, I botched it ?
- Is there any way to avoid such problem (like setting a snail speed so that it would give the software more time to check data)
- Is there a way to verify the other frames to see if the defect appear elsewhere, without looking at theme frame by frame (there are 28664 of them....)

Thank you...
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