FR: Select a list to 'Add to Render Queue"

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FR: Select a list to 'Add to Render Queue"

PostMon Mar 05, 2018 5:13 pm

I frequently will have projects that have 1500 clips (or more) than I need converted from camera files into mastering CODCECs (ProRes, DNxHD). It would be nice if I could set up my delivery options and then switch to the Edit or Media Pool mode select everything and then "Send to Render Queue"

This would not only make my work much easier, it would make remote rendering across our 20 Resolve Studio systems feasible.

As it stands right now - I mostly use AfterEffects to do this kind of bulk render even though it is considerably slower, because I can set up a render queue, launch AE Render Engine on the 20 computers and walk away in about 30 minutes. To get this going in Resolve, I have to break up my 1500 clips into 20 timelines, and then add the 20 timelines to the render queue individually. The quickest I've been able to do this is 2 hours of extreme repetitive work.
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