BUG: Can't reset UI Layout Dual/Single screen

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BUG: Can't reset UI Layout Dual/Single screen

PostMon Mar 05, 2018 7:47 pm

After quitting DaVinci Resolve in a Dual Screen mode, when the app is started with only a single screen, the UI will not fill the screen, can not reset until second screen is attached

Note: this is about UI screens, NOT the playback screen connected to Intensity

Steps to reproduce:
1. Start Resolve with two screens attached
2. Workspace > Dual Screen > On (This implies Workspace > Fullscreen)
3. Workspace > Primary Display > Display 2
4. Quit Resolve
5. Detach second screen
6. Start Resolve (Resolve is in Full Screen mode but does not fill display)
7. Workspace > Reset UI Layout (Can now resize to fill screen minus dock)
8. Workspace > Full Screen (Resolve UI disappears)

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