Color Match Source Gamma setting for Hero4 Protune files?

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Color Match Source Gamma setting for Hero4 Protune files?

PostTue Mar 06, 2018 4:42 am

What Davinci Resolve 14 Color Match Source Gamma setting should I use for videos shot with GoPro Hero4 (both Black and Sliver) using Protune?

I'm shooting ski videos for posting to a Youtube channel and I also do not know about the rest of the Color Match settings. But I'm guessing:

"Source Gamma": sLog or sRGB
"Target Gamma": Rec.709
"Target Color space": Rec.709
"Color Temp": Shooting in the snow is often very bright. But sometimes the clouds roll in and the light gets very grey and flat. This is one of the things motivating me to try a ColorChecker and use the Color Match feature of Davinci Resolve 14. I expect to be changing this value depending on the video between 5k and 7k. But I really don't know.
"White Level": I can't even guess on this one.

I doubt it matters but right now I'm shooting these ski videos with a Hero4 (Silver & Black) on Protune with these settings: WHITE BALANCE "Native", COLOR PROFILE "Flat", MANUAL SHUTTER "Auto", ISO "400", SHARPNESS "Low", EXPOSURE COMPENSATION "0".

Based on someone's recommendation here, I also have some ND filters on order.

Thank you!

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