Match Move Bug (2)

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Match Move Bug (2)

PostSun Mar 18, 2018 3:08 pm

Due to legacy material in fairly low resolution and a major occlusion of the motion target area, it was necessary to split a match move source into three separate clips. A timeline was created for each clip. On the edit page each timeline clip was assigned the same JPG graphic to be used as the matte. On the colour page each of these separate source clips on its own timeline had motion trackers added, the matte was positioned and the result was satisfactory (several hours of work!). Each timeline also had a second video track with masking power windows to handle foreground occlusions. The three sections with their source and occlusion masking tracks were then copied in sequence to a fourth timeline to assemble the three sections. The first section on this timeline displayed correctly. The second and third sections were corrupted and did not display the moving matte correctly. On the colour page for the second and third sections it appeared that the positioning frame information for the match move had been carried over from the first section. Two positioning frames appear, one of which is incorrect and affords no possibility for editing or removal.

This is the actual case I encountered. It’s probably possible to simplify and reproduce this bug.

In case anyone suggests this... Yes, I did delete all preceding and following tracking data from the individual timelines/clips!

DaVinci Resolve Studio 14.3

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