Tracking Data Question

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Tracking Data Question

PostTue Mar 13, 2018 6:52 am


I have a rail shot which tracks left to right. It's a long shot of a guy leaning against a wall, positioned on the right of the frame. It was a bit bouncy and the Resolve stabilise module smoothed it beautifully.

The wall's back ground is made up of graffiti. I want to fade up a company logo on the wall. I brought in a Photoshop file with an alpha channel and changed the blending mode to screen so that it shows the logo together with the texture of the wall.

I created a rectangular power window where the logo needs to go and that tracks fine. However the targa file doesn't stay within the tracked rectangular power window. How can I get it to adhere to the power window's tracking data? I tried pasting the tracking data on the targa file but Resolve won't have it.

Any suggestions please? Thanks.
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Re: Tracking Data Question

PostWed Mar 14, 2018 6:14 am

Hey Mark

I don't think you can achieve this with an Ext Matte (I'm going to check this later again out of curiosity)

The Match Move OFX could have been your friend here.. but it still doesn't support alpha properly nor it has Screen blending

You can try doing it using 2 layers (timeline tracks)

1. On tracked shot (layer 1) - Use point in classic stabilizer. Strong on 100. (do it on an ungraded version)
2. In gallery right click and select Apply Grades using: Keyframes Aligning Start frames..
3. Grab a still
4. On target shot (layer 2) - apply grade.
6. In stabilizer make Strong -100, then hit stabilize.
7. Don't forget to bring back right version on layer 1
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Re: Tracking Data Question

PostThu Mar 15, 2018 4:30 am

Call me crazy, but I'd do this in Fusion or After Effects. I think there is some VFX compositing you can do to a point in Resolve, but it's still not ideal. It will work in a pinch, and I think it's amazingly good for what is essentially a color-correction program, but it's not going to be as accurate as using (say) Mocha Pro.
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