Exporting DR 15 project to previous DR iterations?

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Exporting DR 15 project to previous DR iterations?

PostMon Apr 16, 2018 11:04 am

With all due respect to not creating your own waste... Why not implement this functionality into the software?

For example, the end-user might very well be un-interested in working with DR 14 or DR 15 after having success with DR 12.5. That being said, why can't users export a DR 14 or DR 15 to a previous generation; such as an XML 1.5, XML 1.6... etc.

Concerned because the program appears to be significantly less focused, overly complicated for it's own good, and built upon previous issues that are yet to be rectified.
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Re: Exporting DR 15 project to previous DR iterations?

PostMon Apr 16, 2018 2:07 pm

? Export an aaf and reconform ?

What's the holdout?
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Re: Exporting DR 15 project to previous DR iterations?

PostMon Apr 16, 2018 10:18 pm

levisdavis wrote:previous generation

Occasionally color science and implementation changes and the instruction set becomes unintelligible to the previous generation. You would have to explain "ROFLMFAO" to someone unfamiliar with modern English if recently arrived time-travelling from the early 90's. For example the auto-face detector in 14 does not exist in 12.5 and probably wouldn't even load. I got a bunch of drp's exported from 14 a month ago that failed that process, but the XML/AAF imports worked great. Just don't expect the color to migrate. I haven't actually used 14 at all to this point, at least for commercial projects -- I do have a version loaded on this iMac5K for fun. What happened was a major project stopped and started a couple of times and so I got stuck between versions. Still apparently worked. Who knew?

FCP projects were not backwards-compatible, Premiere obsoletes their project files with every point release.
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