Selecting Stereo Tracks in Fairlight

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Selecting Stereo Tracks in Fairlight

PostWed Apr 18, 2018 3:04 pm

Hi Everyone,

Just playing around the new Resolve 15 and I'd like to know what the quick way is to isolate either audio track.

I have dual audio feed where the interviewer is holding the mic (L) and the camera sound is on (R). Unfortunately nobody showed the interviewer how to correctly hold a mic and they keep clanking it with their ring.

I can clearly see the spikes in the L channel and it would be super convenient to momentarily disable the R channel so I can dip the levels on the offending track. I know how to do this is Audition and am wondering why it is so clear in DaVinci.

Can anybody tell me which keyboard combo or whatever I'm missing?

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Re: Selecting Stereo Tracks in Fairlight

PostFri Apr 20, 2018 6:12 am

Ok, so I'm posting a reply to my own post :D but since that I've now found out how to do this, I thought I'd share.

There are two approaches. One for when you're just starting out on a project and one for when you're already working on a project:


1. Select your specific clips in the media tab.
2. Right click > Clip Attributes > Audio.
3. Change the setting from Stereo to Mono.
4. Set the number of tracks to 2 and click the Add button.
5. Set the Source Channel of the 2nd mono to Embedded Channel 2 (if not already pre-selected)
6. Hover the mouse over Stereo entry in the list. A small waste bin icon will appear in the end column. Click the icon and your Stereo track entry will disappear.
7. Click Ok on the Clip Attributes dialog.

When you add your clip to a timeline, it will now have separate audio channels that you can access individually. Side note: at a future date you can wrap your clip back it into a stereo clip by reversing these steps if you want to.


1. Go to your timeline.
2. Right click on the header column of your audio track (i.e. A1 Audio1)
3. From the small sub menu that appears select Change Track Type To > Mono
4. If you now look at the header column you should notice that the "2.0" to the right of your track title will have changed to "1.0" indicating that it is now behaving as a mono track.
5. Now copy your audio clip onto to the audio track below (A2 Audio 2). Change that track to Mono as above.
6. Right click on each of the audio clips and using Clip Attributes > Audio change each to Mono from Stereo.
7. Then change the Source Channel of the each of the audio clips to either Embedded Channel 1 and Embedded Channel 2 as applicable.

And you're good to go. Enjoy ;)

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