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New User - Resolution Questions

PostFri Apr 20, 2018 2:44 pm

Hello all:

Just trying Davinci Resolve for the first time. A couple of questions. I posted a video to YouTube and am not pleased with the quality. The video in question is here:

At the 26 minute mark is an example of the poor quality. The original was better - shot with a Sony camcorder at 60 fps.

I believe this may have to do with my initial settings. The beginning of this video was shot with a Canon 70D at 30 fps. (And you can see that the beginning is much clearer. When I set up the project in Resolve, I got a msg that the project fps and imported video fps do not match. I chose the option to have them match. I then rendered at the YouTube 1080p setting (matching both cameras).

A couple of questions - what changed to match the other? Did the project settings change to match the cameras fps (what I was hoping for); or did everything change to 30 fps? If this occurred, it may explain the poor quality of the Sony footage.

I know YouTube compresses files but I've done a lot on YouTube with the default Microsoft movie maker and videos turn out better than this.

Thanks all.

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