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Ref Mode - Cycle - HotKey? - Resolve / Macroworks

PostPosted: Thu Jun 14, 2018 10:39 pm
by dariobigi
I RTFMed and failed.
I searched the forum but the parameters yielded too many extraneous results.

I am using a Resolve Mini Panel and an X-Keys 24.
I would like to program an X-Keys button to cycle through the Reference Modes of Gallery / Offline / Timeline.
There is an option for this with the Element (Ref Mode under Gallery/Wipe) Repeated button clicks cycles through the three options.
There is a DR sub menu option pull-down View/Reference Wipe Mode / Gallery | Offline | Timeline
I don't want to waste three buttons (assigning keystrokes) to each option.
The Mini Panel does not allow you to choose or cycle your options.

Does anyone know if cycling a sub menu option is even possible with Macroworks 3.1 ? Or within Resolve itself? How does Tangent do it?
Alt+W is wipe invert
Shift+W is wipe style but it is not an option in the Keyboard Mapping settings. But it works the way I want Ref Mode to work.
Incidentally UI Layout - ON - Off - UI Only works with Alt+H - Cycling - and also is not a menu map option.

Anybody... anybody... Bueller... buellerrr?