Feature Request: Mouse Wheel/Click Adjustments

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Feature Request: Mouse Wheel/Click Adjustments

PostThu Jul 12, 2018 4:59 am

Hi there,

I am not sure if this would suit anyone else or not, or maybe rather aimed at Windows rather than Mac (apologies ;) ), but I would like to propose the following: -

1) Zoom - For the time-line, and any other window that has a zoom action, change from the Alt-Scroll-Wheel to Ctrl-Scroll-Wheel, to be more consistent with Windows.
2) Horizontal Scroll - For the time line, and any other window that has a horizontal scroll bar, use Alt-Scroll-Wheel to move the scroll bar left and right.
3) Range Select - For multi-selections using the Ctrl and Shift keys, we already have combinations 1) open-click = 'exclusive select', 2) shift-click = 'range select', 3) ctrl-click = 'add/subtract select', but it would also be good to have 4) ctrl-shift-click = 'add/subtract range select'. The last one allows more than one range of items to be selected and is currently not working as per the Windows norm.

Just a few ideas...

Many thanks, Cass.
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