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View frame under Playhead while sliping

PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:05 am
by KrischanR

I'm trying to perform slip trimming on a clip but having one question still.
When editing footage to a ceratain beat of a song I would place the playhead exactly under the beat or kick and would slip the clip to a ceratin action or movement. So that it fits to the beat.

In the timline viewer it would show me the start and end of that clip and the clips around that.
I totally understand that. But when sliping und the playhead I need to see what frame is sliding to the playhead.

Formerly in PPro it worked just by holding the alt+arrow left/right key for sliping.
That was super quick for trimming.

Is it possiblle to show whats under the playhead while sliping?
I tried triming and dynamic triming mode but can't really find it.