DaVinci Resolve and Video Cards

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DaVinci Resolve and Video Cards

PostFri Nov 09, 2018 6:25 am

I am interested in purchasing Davinci Resolve for technical editing work in my company.

I read what I could find about what cards will work with DaVinci Resolve (DR. for abrev.) as the latter uses GPU. Also read advice as such as at pugetsystems, however the cards mentioned there are 2-slot cards. I need single slot height card.

What I dont want to consider getting is anything Nvidia as for the last 15 years they were just trouble for me at least. I know they work for other people, but I had too much bad luck with them. I had very good results with AMD.

I am looking for a SINGLE slot AMD or other brand (other than nvidia) Video card that will be able to edit 4k in DR.
I must stress again it must be a single slot card as the 24 core 64GB server it will be used in is a 1U rackserver and I have only one slot open as a 1U rackserver has only place for 2x 1slot or 1 x 2-slot pcie cards.

If you know of a good 1 slot high card that works with DR in 4k let me know.

Peter Chamberlain

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Re: DaVinci Resolve and Video Cards

PostFri Nov 09, 2018 6:35 am

This is a good place to start.. at the top of the forum.
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Carsten Sellberg

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Re: DaVinci Resolve and Video Cards

PostFri Nov 09, 2018 9:50 am


The reason that all the good 4K Resolve graphics cards are 2 slot is that it they are AIR Cooled.
You don't write if you have your 1U server mounted in a rack or if you have others units above it.

But a solution can be to change a 2 slot graphics card from AIR cooling to a single slot water cooled one. Here is a link I remember posted on this forum:

https://www.ekwb.com/blog/can-water-blo ... rformance/

But it will require that you have the possibility to mount the radiator, pump and reservoir just outside your 1U server.

Regards Carsten.
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