Batch split audio tracks into mono and replace in timeline?

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Devin Rice

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Batch split audio tracks into mono and replace in timeline?

PostWed Jan 02, 2019 10:11 pm

I've cut of my feature film (picture) and now I'm preparing audio for mixing. My clips all have several channels of audio; an overall stereo mix on top (Audio 2) with mono tracks below for individual mics (boom and lavs):

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 2.01.50 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 2.01.50 PM.png (141.74 KiB) Viewed 365 times

I'm realizing that things are all in stereo when they should be separate mono tracks (i.e., boom in Left channel and lav in Right channel in Audio 3 track). How can I split the all the clips / tracks into mono? The only way I've seen is by going into the Media Pool and then making adjustments to channels and then having to bring the files back into the timeline.

Since I have a two hour film that has already been cut, this process would take forever and require me to essentially re-cut the film (a nightmare) as well as going into each individual track and do this, which also would be a nightmare.

Is there some way to batch split or convert everything that's already in the timeline? Or that I can just split everything in the timeline to mono tracks? And if that's possible maybe I can just keep Audio 2 in stereo?

I'm looking for some sort of solution that won't require me to spend weeks doing everything over again.

How do people normally set up audio editing in fairlight when they have clips with many audio channels like this?
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Steven Reid

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Re: Batch split audio tracks into mono and replace in timeli

PostWed Jan 02, 2019 11:52 pm

Because I had to do this in my previous DAW from time to time -- in a matter of seconds! -- I was really curious to nut out a solution in Resolve in case I have to do it again. I found a pretty quick one, I believe. At least, it's quicker than a few weeks. :)

1. Add a track below (or above) the stereo track holding the stereo clips you want to batch split into component channels, e.g., all boom clips (R) on one track, all lav clips (L) on another track.
2. Select all stereo clips in your source track, then alt-drag (PC; maybe option-click-drag on a MAC?) them into the destination track. In result, this duplicates the source stereo track.
3. In the EDIT page, select ALL stereo clips on either source or destination track. Right-click and select "Clip Attributes."
4. In the Clip Attributes box, change the Format to "Mono," and then pick Embedded Channel 1 or 2 (L or R) from the "Source Channel" drop-down menu. Click OK.
5. Perform the complementary action on the other track, choosing the other Embedded Channel for that track's clips.
6. Change each track type to mono.
7. The result should be two mono tracks created from your original stereo track, each mono track containing L or R channel.

Oddly, I could only do this on the EDIT page, not the FAIRLIGHT page. I did not read the manual for this. I spent ~5 minutes figuring it out. Doing it should take a few seconds. My solution might be a kludge of a workaround to a better way.
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Re: Batch split audio tracks into mono and replace in timeli

PostFri Jan 11, 2019 4:49 pm

Hi Devin, I'm kind of new with Resolve but I can't find a way to adjust the volume of an audio channel of one clip with several audio channels.

For example, in your track "A2" you got the clip "8T-T002.WAV" which probably is just ONE file with two audio channels (left and right). If I try to adjust the volume of one of them it only adjust for both it does not do it independently.

In my project I got files with 3 or 4 channels (all in the same clips) but I just want to work with them separately without having to import them each as a separate clip and having a bunch of audio tracks for just one video clip. Is this possible to do it? What will I be doing wrong? What will I not be seeing?

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Jean Claude

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Re: Batch split audio tracks into mono and replace in timeli

PostFri Jan 11, 2019 5:59 pm

Devin Rice wrote:.../...
Is there some way to batch split or convert everything that's already in the timeline?


You can try this method to split a stereo in 2 monos: (surely other methods to test and not using clip attribute before...)

-Then you go to FAIRLIGHT TAB
-You add 2 monos tracks
-Then you open the MIXER panel
-Then you click in the INPUT of the first track MONO => selection INPUT
-The Patch Input / Output panel opens
-to the left: select Track Reproduction
-a right: select Track Input

Click Audio (Track No.) L source track and right on the MONO track # 1
Click Audio (Track No.) R source track and right on the MONO track # 2
Click PATCH (bottom right) and close the panel

To finish: for each of the monos tracks, you click on Input:
Patch Setting: Record level => click on THRU => it turns green

From this moment each stereo track will be REPRODUCED in a MONO track.

For the stereo track: stop sending it to a MAIN
Send the 2 monos tracks on the MAIN (do not forget to PAN if necessary)

Make the settings on each track monos and effects. :)
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