Please review before posting & Why can't I see my post?

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Please review before posting & Why can't I see my post?

PostTue Feb 12, 2019 4:28 am

Welcome to Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve user forum. Before you post here are a few guidelines to help you get your questions answered. Please remember that this is a user-forum. The other users are here to assist you in resolving issues and creating conversation around your feedback.

Why cant't I see my post?
• All new users are moderated to reduce spam and to ensure your real names were used to register. Your posts may not be visible unless you do. We absolutely believe that the best way to run a forum and for people to have good conversations is to know exactly who they are speaking with. Which is why we require real names to be used, and is defined in the agreement everyone signed when joining.

To change your user name, you can PM Tony Rivera with your name and he can take care of this for you. If you do not have your real name in your profile, your post will not be approved until this is changed and after a short time, it will be removed from the moderation list.

• Please maintain mutual professional respect - many of your fellow users are professionals from all over the world contributing their valuable time and expertise to explain features, provide insight and help other forum users.

Can someone help me?
• Please search before you post a question or at least, read the threads on the first two pages - if other users have posted similar questions, this may help answer your question, or at least give your better understanding of the context.

• Please provide detailed descriptions and diagnostics (see Submitting Diagnostics section below). For example, Resolve v15 is not enough. A full version number like 15.0.08 (found in the ‘About DaVinci’ menu), alongside captured logs, screenshots and a description of hardware and other installed software is often necessary.

• Many users choose to list their system configuration in their forum signature (via the User Control Panel) - including hardware and relevant software (driver versions, other video/audio workflow tools).

We highly encourage you to do this.

Before Installation:
• Please check if your system is supported - each version of DaVinci Resolve has configuration guides (see the FAQs thread) listing both minimum and recommended setups for hardware, operating system and driver versions. If you are on a non supported OS version your system may perform erratically or not at all and there is little opportunity to assist you. Please use the recommended OS versions or newer.

• Please ensure that your graphics card drivers are updated to supported versions.

• If you have a prior version of DaVinci Resolve installed, please back up your work - this includes your projects, databases and configurations before installing another version. Please refer to the Database section in the FAQs below for more details.

• Please note that DaVinci Resolve and DaVinci Resolve Studio are two separate downloads. You will need an activation key (see Licensing section below) for running DaVinci Resolve Studio.

Submitting diagnostics logs:
From DaVinci Resolve 15.0, there is a in-build crash reporter tools that allow for easy reporting of diagnostics. Please provide as much detail as you can in reproducing your issue - including what your prior actions were, if it is repeatable and specific steps if you have narrowed it down.

You can turn on this crash reporting tool in Preferences/System/General "Automatically send problem reports"

Note: If you are encounter consistent crashes, or are unable to restart Resolve successfully, logs can be manually captured using the “CaptureLogs” application to the desktop.
Please refer to for a detailed step by step walkthrough.

For manual reporting of issues, the "CaptureLogs" application is installed in all DaVinci Resolve systems (except Apple App store versions). If you have a repeatable crash please follow these instructions:
• Restart DaVinci Resolve
• Select the help menu and then select 'Create diagnostics log on desktop'
• Post the log or a link to it on a new thread with a description of the steps to reproduce the crash.

If the forum does not allow you to post a log, or its too big, store it on Dropbox or similar shared storage and place a link in your post with a space in the path so the forum does not see it as a path but sees the links as plain text.. e.g. http://

Note: If you post a snippet of the logs we are likely to not be able to do anything. We need the complete logs.

For Windows users you should also post your NFO file.
Open Windows System Information and do a File - Save (Not a File Export), which will generate a .NFO file.

In addition to logs, please provide a detailed set of steps in reproducing your issue. Please consider exporting your project (from Project Manager) as a DRP file, and if you deem them useful, please include additional information like screenshots and test media.

When sharing files and images, if you are unable to upload the resources, again you can provide links to shared download sites such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive etc.
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