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Help With Titles

PostSat Aug 17, 2019 12:52 am

So, I moved to and started learning Resolve when I needed better color control and chroma key, and I'm loving it so far. However, I've hit a snag with titles and text where I haven't been able to find a good tutorial on it.

When I use the normal text, when I try to set the alignment (namely a left align), it seems to ignore it and keep to a centered alignment. The textbox is also the size of the screen, and not the size of the text itself, which is definitely harder to resize and have the text fit.

Is there any presets I can change, any settings I'm missing, or any tutorials I can watch to get better with it/find ways around the limits?

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Re: Help With Titles

PostSat Aug 17, 2019 11:24 am

There is a small army of training videos and PDFs on BMD's "Training" page for Resolve: ... e/training

As to the basic "Text" generator, if that is what you are using, the "Alignment" control is for multiple lines of text, relative to each other. The individual lines are aligned within a box that than hangs off an anchor point, which is initially the center of the frame, so with only one line of text it will have no obvious effect.

To change where the box of text is aligned you could change the "Anchor" control instead; this impacts how the box is positioned relative to the anchor point - initially it is centered on the anchor point; you could have it stay above and to the left of the anchor point, for example, so that when text is added the box grows toward the upper-left corner of the frame.

If you want the text to be on the left side of the screen, you need to move the anchor point itself - this is done with the "Position" control. You will want to set the "X" position value to zero (0) or a small positive number, then change the "Anchor" control to keep the text on the right side of the anchor (that is the fourth button from the left when looking at the controls in the inspector).

Note that "Text" is basically a "legacy" title generator and for the most part new work is better done with "Text+" or one of the Fusion generators. The "Text+" generator works essentially the same way as "Text" as far as alignment goes, but the controls are a bit different. You still have the "Position" control to impact where the anchor point is, but the "Anchor" controls are sliders (with L/C/R buttons and T/M/B buttons to quickly set basic positions) which allow text to be aligned on the anchor point from an arbitrary point along its length, giving greater control. The old "Alignment" control was replaced with the "V Justify" and "H Justify" sliders - which of these you use depends on whether you are using a writing system that reads horizontally (English, Spanish, etc.) or vertically (traditional Japanese text, etc.).

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