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Creepshow Tv Series

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Creepshow Tv Series

PostTue Dec 24, 2019 8:23 pm

I couldn't show any of this when I was working on it, but here is one of the short scenes of the traditionally animated Creep. Inked drawing were scanned into Flipbook and painted there. Then I exported the Creeps elements into Fusion where I did the majority of the final work.

This particular scene was pretty complex as I animated the Creep's actions first(traditionally), then took a cg model of a lantern into my 3D program, and animated it to match the Creep's hand with proper swinging. Then, with Fusion, I had to create an animated matte to "erase" the part of the handle that had to appear to be within his hand. I comped levels of the Creep, including traditionally animated highlights, with Fusion. Some Fusion setups were done as 3D, but most were straight comps. I also created the shadow pass, additional light effects on the character, camera moves, etc. inside Fusion.

Fusion was a wonderful and valuable tool for me on this show. It is supremely flexible. This show was my first real use of the program, so I was learning on the fly. Thanks for any questions I may have posed which were difficult since I couldn't actually show any particular problems or questions.

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Re: Creepshow Tv Series

PostFri Dec 27, 2019 3:26 am

Awesome. Congrats!! Thanks for sharing.

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