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Definitive Guide Lesson 9

Learn about 3D compositing, animation, broadcast design and VFX workflows.
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Definitive Guide Lesson 9

PostThu Dec 26, 2019 11:02 pm


i'm new in davinci resolve and i'm learning by doing the lessons provided by blackmagic.

@lesson 9

i already did what the lesson demands, in terms of adressing the HUD in the foreground of the actress

and i tried to do something more to give a more realistic look,

that was, i tried to put a GLASS between the ACTRESS and the HUD , like if the HUD GRAPHICS were been projected at the glass like a capsule, and the actress inside that capsule.

I tried to do it with a 3D shape all over the image and adressing some glow to it.

But when i change the GLOW parameters, like messing and viewing if something changes… NOTHING changes…

Maybe is because the node order isn't correct, or something else.

I would like some help to understand why anything change when i change the GlowFx parameters

and most important, what is the most correct way to do that GLASS CAPSULE LAYER

print of fusion section in attachment

GLASS EFECT.png (906.37 KiB) Viewed 69 times

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