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Importing video issues

PostPosted: Wed Nov 26, 2014 10:49 pm
by Cameron Watson
Hello, I've only recently gotten started with fusion and have encountered a fairly large problem.

I was working on a project, and it was going swimmingly. But, when I opened it the following morning, my main video file loader had a red dot next to it and displayed a black screen. After trying to reimport the video a few times, only to come up with the same error, and I tried converting the file to a different format (mp4 to avi). However, this made no changes. So I left it.

Miraculously, when I tried to import the original mp4 again, it worked... for a while. I've encountered a very similar problem again. I have no clue how to fix this at the moment. I've tried restarting my PC a few times, to no effect. I was hoping that any of you on this forum have encountered this and know what to do. Thanks