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*BUG* Unfold more than one tool property not possible

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Blazej Floch

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*BUG* Unfold more than one tool property not possible

PostTue Dec 09, 2014 11:36 am

Maybe I am missing something obvious, but this is true for Fusion 7.x:

1. If two tools are selected you can not unfold both properties in the properties.
Is this an option in preferences now?
2. Connection with the expression results in an freely flowing input, without a connection
If I use the Expression [+] rubber band it will unfold the properties. But strangely it won't set the connection but instead create a freely flowing parameter without the original tool.
Edit: 2. is eventually also true for Fusion 6.4 build 1118! But at least the connection is made.

Steps to reproduce
- Add a Background and a BC tool.
- Box-select both in the flow view
( Note that you can only unfold one of the selected tools! )
- Create an Expression e.g. in the Gain.
- Click and drag the expression's [+] to the Background1 Header in the properties.
(The Background tool will unfold)
- Let go in the R input of the background's color.
(An "A" slider will popup, the background tool will be hidden, no connection made)


Peter Ruhrmann

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Re: *BUG* Unfold more than one tool property not possible

PostTue Dec 09, 2014 7:18 pm

Hi Blazej,

it is not a bug it is just a new default setting. Go to File / Preferences, "Global and new Comp defaults", "General" and then uncheck "Auto control close". The setting was already there even back in the 6.0. But it was never checked by default.

Regarding the connection problem: in your example you have to aim exactly on the slider (the knob or the line) and not on the numeric input field. Then it should work.


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michael vorberg

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Re: *BUG* Unfold more than one tool property not possible

PostTue Dec 09, 2014 8:21 pm

welcome blazej!

i can confirm the bug with the floating control, as you described it

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