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Fusion 8 Keyboard changed

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Yannick Tholomier

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Fusion 8 Keyboard changed

PostThu Apr 20, 2017 7:09 pm

I just tested Fusion 8.2.1
spec: Win7x64 - French Keyboard

i can see several things that have been changed that i can't understand.
Maybe somebody can explain me how to revert settings or point me in the right direction to set it Fusion to fits my habit?

- "[" and "]" are no more set to frame previous and next frame Same as alt + "[" and alt + "]".
They can be overlapped with Customized HotKeys but conflict will appear like Windows Ding! sound.
Hotkeys still active in the Text tool Area too... writing words active Hotkeys!
That was not the case with standard shortkey in previous Fusion version.

- Popup are no more active so we can no more use the Mouse Wheel to scroll between popup options.

- TAB key no more permit to switch to next value area. In most of case, this slowdown the workflow a lot.

For this first experience, it's a no way for me. it totally broke the speedness of the workflow.

Any advice?

Thx for your time

Yannick Tholomier

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Re: Fusion 8 Keyboard changed

PostFri Apr 21, 2017 11:00 am

Ok, now i'm trying:

- page UP/DOWN for frame step
- HOME/END for key step
- Insert/Delete for Global range

and that may be useful like that.

For Mouse Wheel, i have no luck but Arrows UP/DOWN works into the selected popup.
This is not very comfortable but acceptable.

Still looking for TAB to switch from a button to another...
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michael vorberg

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Re: Fusion 8 Keyboard changed

PostSat Apr 22, 2017 7:45 pm

thats sounds strange
tab should work and works for me

for some other shortkeys: there are issues with non english keyboards, but you can solve that with using the new "View->Customize Hotkeys" command.

there are some threads here about it and a good explanation over here

Vladimir LaFortune

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Re: Fusion 8 Keyboard changed

PostMon Apr 24, 2017 3:13 pm

MacOS compatibility has broken many Windows shortcuts for some reason. I'm not on the newest version but when you are inside dropdown menu did they re-add the ability to hit the first character of the available option on the keyboard to select that option. For example in LD you can choose Process Mode by simply hitting P on keyboard for PAL/HD Fields, etc. MacOS doesn't have that behavior so when they were porting F8 back to Windows they completely omitted this functionality.

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