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Compositing ALPHA channels for a 3D map

PostPosted: Sun Sep 10, 2017 1:49 am
Dear fusion people,

Loving this software. I'm building a 3D map of indochina and trying to add different material layers to the same bit of geometry so I can different layers of the map interact different with lighting/reflections. These all come from a photoshop file build using georeferenced data in another program.

Anyway, as you will see in the picture attached I have a layer in this scene for rivers and lakes and what not - which has been piped into this shader to give it some reflection. But the shader doesn't seem to allow me to add things like a bump map and so on to make it resemble the other water I have created separately for the ocean.

So what I am really trying to figure out here is how I can use raster layers that I have brought as a stack of layers from a photoshop file as alpha masks for a material like the reflect I have in this scene. I was playing around with channel booleans but seemed to lose the correct scale of the layer on the one occasion I seemed to figure out how to make it act as the ALPHA channel. I'm really keen to figure out a solution because this has multiple applications - for instance I would like have materials that show national and provincial boundaries with different material qualities, or materials that show powerlines - all derived from the same, correctly scaled photoshop layer stack.

Does what I'm asking make any sense to anyone out there?

Re: Compositing ALPHA channels for a 3D map

PostPosted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 6:51 pm
by Naveen Vasanth
Well connect the bump map to the blinn and pipe the blinn to the reflect node and then to the image plane.

You can also merge materials easily and blend.

The shader node relies on normal maps and is used for lighting and reflections of rendered image.. Refer to tool reference manual...