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Future plans for the Python API in Fusion?

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Stefan Kubicek

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Future plans for the Python API in Fusion?

PostFri Nov 03, 2017 3:37 pm

As a technical artist I'm currently looking into extending Fusions functionality via Python scripting, and upon reading the Developer Documentation (of which I could only find a PDF for version 8, which comes as part of the Fusion 9.0.1 installation - please point me to a newer version, if there is any?), I learned that certain things like Fuses (scripted tools?) are not supported via Python.

What I would like to understand is whether there are any plans from BMD side to remove this limitation in the "foreseeable future", i.e. bring Python support on par with LUA and allow for scripted nodes/tools.
I know that I could wrap Python calls in LUA, but its slow, error prone and hence something I'd rather avoid.

It would really be good to get at least some minimal response, even if it's just a "Sorry, we cannot comment on future developments".

Thank you very much,


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