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Fusion Connect on PC & MAC

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Peter Mattsson

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Fusion Connect on PC & MAC

PostFri Nov 17, 2017 4:06 pm

Hi all,

I have everything setup in a small facility with a couple of computers (mac and PC) working against the same material and the same shared Resolve 14.1 database (PostgreSQL). Everything works just fine, mapping has been done and I can start a project in resolve on my mac and continue to work on my PC and all material is online. The only problem is Fusion Connect clip. If I create a fusion connect clip on my PC for example I can see and edit the fusion connect clip on my PC. But it wont work inside Resolve on my Mac, and the other way around. If i manually go to my fusion connect clip on my mac and open the project file, I will get everything to work in this project. and I can see the nodes that has been added. So the mapping inside fusion seems to be just correct. Have anybody had the same issue, and found any solution?

Sam Steti

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Re: Fusion Connect on PC & MAC

PostMon Nov 20, 2017 10:57 am

Hey Peter,

First, imho I think you'd have more success in collecting answers on the Resolve side of the forum, since the DB is the Resolve one...
Secondly my 2 cts : taking your example, maybe you should give a try to manually create a "garbage" FC clip on you mac > open it in Fusion > modify the file path in the loader so that it connects to the FC comp you had made on your PC > close and re-open inside Resolve... (Anyway the solution is this /szdjlghsdlkfjvsmkjdfghmdjfgh/wdff/ file path of the loader).
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Glenn Sakatch

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Re: Fusion Connect on PC & MAC

PostSun Dec 03, 2017 10:18 pm

So the shared mapping in resolve doesn't work inside fusion...i don't think that is a surprise, as fusion isn't using the resolve database, and the connect process is adding items to a fusion workflow, not a resolve workflow. Resolve is just basically reading the render path from the save out of Fusion.

What you might want to try to do is set up you fusion project differently. (i don't know if you can rename it after the fact with connect still working), but if you look into the idea of using the "project" location for all your source files, then the drive mapping is only based on where the actual project for fusion resides. It basically looks into that same directory for the footage. So if your drive is (volume name) or (d:\) projectname\

you would store your project there, and tell the loaders in fusion to not look to d:\projectname\footage, but instead to look to project:\footage., then fusion no longer cares about the drive letters or volume names involved...it goes to where the project is stored, and starts looking for the folder "footage".

The question is can you set up this structure inside resolve when you create the connect clip, or can you change it to this structure when you first go into fusion.

That i don't know.

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