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Fu9 Studio disapearing Textures at Trilin/Anisotropic

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Marcus Bauer

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Fu9 Studio disapearing Textures at Trilin/Anisotropic

PostTue Dec 12, 2017 12:54 pm

I discoverd some strange behavior (WIN7, 1080Ti, latest nVidia Driver 388.xx) with textures setting to Trilinear or Anisotropic. Depending on texture size and render settings - those textures disapear after a couple of rendered frames and will be replaced by a empty texture (black).

This behavior could be due either to the memory management of the graphics card, or Fu9 internal texture allocation or both..?

As an very simple example (has to be rerended every 30 frames, on 'Billinear' everything runs fine):

Kind regards from Germany

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