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Render node puts up hundreds of error dialogs from missing P

PostPosted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 5:50 am
by steve oakley
Set up render nodes, send it a comp where it **doesn't** have some plugin. It puts up some error dialog reading "File could not be opened as comp:The following tools could not be loaded: 1 off tool."


except for every failed frame you get a notice. run a few render passes from another machine that tries the local node which fails for each frame, you get hundreds of dialogs.

so either these need to time out and automatically go away, or you need to manage this as a log window, or simply not open this error more than once, at least per comp.

also to make the error useful, it would be nice to. know which comp failed. if you have lots of stuff going on, it would help track down whats missing... or you could also say OFX plug in : SomePlugInName is missing, even a list if appropriate with management it doesn't become 100 items long....

please fix it. this could take down a render node because each of those dialogs eats a little ram. if. you don't check you nodes often, or hard reboot them often, all the ram could get eaten by these warnings.