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Fusion -> DaVinci Resolve Workflow

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Michael Sheaver

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Fusion -> DaVinci Resolve Workflow

PostSun Jan 21, 2018 7:04 pm


I am learning and using Fusion to create some simple animated graphics to share on my Youtube channel. I would like to know what workflow can I use to do this?

My initial thinking is to take the finished comp from Fusion, drop it into Resolve, add some audio, intros and closing credits, then publish directly to Youtube from Resolve.

Some questions about this:
Is this a good workflow to develop and use?
How do I implement this workflow?
Are there any tutorials or guides available for this?
Is there a better workflow that I should use?
Can/should I do all of this within Fusion?

My understanding is that there is tight integration between Fusion and Resolve, but it appears that Fusion Connect may be required for this, and that it is only available in the paid version of these apps.

Any guidance you might be able to offer will be greatly appreciated!

Sam Steti

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Re: Fusion -> DaVinci Resolve Workflow

PostTue Jan 23, 2018 5:01 pm

What I would do if your only needs are those you specified here : I'd start a project in Resolve, make whatever parts not scheduled to be done in Fusion (though it could be done later on)> then create a clip on the TL which contains the very start of the Fusion's graphic (clip, graphic, txt, ...) > right-click on it and choose "Fusion Connect"...

This way you find this very clip as a loader in the Fusion comp, where you just have to render to find the result refreshed, back in Resolve
(and you could organize bins of your projects in resolve, including power bins)

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