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FusionConnect with DPX files not working right

PostPosted: Wed Jan 31, 2018 2:44 am
by Scott Danzig
Hi... I could have sworn I read the solution to this but I can't figure out where, and it was working before. I tried to rerender because I was seeing some horizontal pink lines flickering on a couple frames. Did I have to set the color space to sRGB or LOG or something?

I have a project in Resolve Studio, based on UHD XAVCS footage that I graded in Resolve and sent over to Fusion Studio 9.0.1 build 3 via FusionConnect, where I successfully removed two raindrops. You can see the problem in the picture.


It looks as though it's using the original LOG footage and not the graded footage from Resolve.

If you could explain how to fix it, that'd be awesome, and even more awesome, what's going on, so I might be able to figure this out myself next time.

Help please?

Before, when I had this problem, I did successfully render using EXR, but that's not working now. I see the EXR files in the output folder mixed with the DPX files, so I'm guessing Resolve is only seeing the DPX files. Although in photoshop, the EXR files do look better (I think still too bright).