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Render slaves quit for no reason?

PostPosted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 11:44 am
by rik dl
Hi there,

I recently changed workflow to Fusion.
I got 5 Workstations running Fusion studio who can perfectly render out a simple comp to a file server.

When i want to render out my production composition which is quite heavy ( raw alexa footage,...)
The render gets distributed, but not one slave can complete a frame.

19/Feb/18 12:33:08 = ERROR: desktop-XXX ( *failed* frame 124 of Z:\XXXXX.comp
19/Feb/18 12:33:08 desktop-XXX ( has been reassigned
19/Feb/18 12:33:08 - desktop-XXX ( closed the comp Z:\XXXXXX.comp.
19/Feb/18 12:33:08 + desktop-XXX ( disconnected, did 0 frames of Z:\XXXXXX.comp

I x'd out all the names for client privacy purposes. :p

Does anyone know what can be the problem???