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10 bit display issues after win 10 updates

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10 bit display issues after win 10 updates

PostThu May 17, 2018 8:22 am

This is most probably a win 10 issue rather than Fusion but I wondered if anyone on the forum had hit it - I have been running a win 10 pro workstation with 2 quadro M4000 cards for nearly two years. Display is a Dell U2713h which is capable of 10 bit display, albeit using FRC.

I had it set up for 10 bit display and got smooth 10 bit gradients in both photoshop and Fusion for months and months. Recently the workstation and display were mothballed for a few months. I've now set it up again for a project and for the life of me I now can't get my lovely 10 bit display working.

The quadro is set for 10 bits (the option comes up fine, i.e. it isn't greyed out), Fusion is set to use 10 bit display in the tweaks and using a X-one colorimeter the Argyll Colour Management dispwin -R utility reports that the display is "approx 12 bits". Even Win10's own "advanced display settings" says the display is running 10 bits. All as it was before.

Yet when I bring up a test gradient in Fusion it has banding, where it didn't before. This applies to Fu7, 8 and 9. As a double check I put in a bit depth node to force it 8 bits and there is no change in the image, so I'm definitely looking at 8 bit display.

The same thing happens in photoshop even though it is all set up correctly, which explains why I suspect win10. I believe some the forced Msoft updates over the last few months had to do with High Dynamic Range stuff, which I assume might affect display bit depth.

I've spent days mucking about trying to get my nice 10 display back, to no avail. I've even changed the display port cable in desperation - no good.

Has anyone managed to get 10 bit display working correctly in the current win 10 release?

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