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Positioning a static image

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Positioning a static image

PostThu Aug 16, 2018 2:49 am

I am trying to figure out the correct workflow for positioning a static image along the bottom of the screen. The image is a transparent PNG that is 1920x120px. The clip will be on screen for the entire length of the video.

My first thought was to use the Y parameter of the clip transform. But that only goes -120 for some reason.

After some research it appears that Fusion has the tools to accomplish this. I watched a few tutorials and I think I get the basics of the node editor. At least as far as how transforms flow and so on. What I am unsure of is exactly how to apply that to the image.

This is what I did.
I have 2 tracks one for the video clips (1), and other for the graphic(2).
Track 1 has about 100 video clips.
Track 2 has the one clip for the graphic, which I can see on the screen centered vertically.
I open the Fusion editor.
The Media In node is on monitor 1
The Media Out node is on monitor 2
I create a transform node and drag it onto the line between Media In and Media Out.
I see that both monitors show a green outline around the image and some control handles.
I drag the green box down to the bottom of the screen where I want it.
I see that on Monitor 1 the image did not move.
I see on Monitor 2 the image is gone, but has been replaced by a checkered pattern, probably indicating transparency.
I got back to the Edit view and I dont see the image at all.

I think I might have to merge into an existing clip on the time line, but that does not seem that practical given the 100 clips. Do I have to create an empty clip that extends the entire length of the video to do a composite onto? That also does not seem right.

Where am I going wrong? If there is a tutorial that explains something simple I'd love to see it. And advice that helps me with this is appreciated.

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