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Handling of multi-pass is awful

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Handling of multi-pass is awful

PostFri Aug 17, 2018 10:52 pm

It's amazing that fusions free and studio is well priced. However ,I can't help but feel frustrated after picking it up for a more 'advanced' node compositor, that the multipass wordflow is so damn long AND destructive.

Doing something simple like bringing in multi-pass EXR requires to keep copying a node and selecting individual RGB channels for each pass. Granted I've come across the script that kinda automates this process, but then your stuck and if your doing look dev with render variations, or setting up a complex composite for re-use, you have to MANUALLY go through each node and change the input. It's unbearable, and I come here from AE.

Surely goes against the point of what node based means? It really is a deal breaker for me as getting my renders into my composite app is something I do a lot during my process and they are always changing variations/test renders/client amends etc, while keeping backups of previous renders and iterating..It would be OK if it was a task I had to do say once on each project, but this is the the most frequent task in anyone who composites renders/animations... :?
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Re: Handling of multi-pass is awful

PostSat Aug 18, 2018 2:05 pm

It's a design tradeoff currently. Cache is much more efficient with fewer channels and it's easier to conceptualize what an image is to the user when they don't have to consider that the cache is distributed among many tool outputs.

It's possible for BMD to change this in RealFusion more easily than in ReFusion. Adding arbitrary channel handling to the rest of Resolve is complex and doesn't benefit most users, since Resolve caters to edit/color, where those channels won't exist, and the VFX/animation users who actually need it won't be using Resolve because of the overhead and lack of VFX pipeline features.
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