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New User. Can't create any tools, nothing works.

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New User. Can't create any tools, nothing works.

PostFri Oct 05, 2018 10:23 am


I'm sure I'm missing a great big button to get me started on a composition, but I can't do anything in Fusion (within Davinci Resolve 15). I have seen a lot of tutorials, all of them start with "Ok so create a loader node" or "ok so we have this footage". I was about to start on my first small steps myself, but nothing works:

All options are greyed out, when I bring up the tools screen, type Loader, select Loader Node (LD) and enter, it doesn't create anything. Dragging and dropping effects from the bar above my node flow screen thing, doesn't do anything either. I can't find an option for creating a new comp either.

I'm pretty skilled with after effects, premiere and photoshop, so I wouldn't consider myself a complete computer n00b. Why doesn't it work, or what am I overlooking?

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Re: New User. Can't create any tools, nothing works.

PostMon Oct 08, 2018 9:25 pm

Within resolve you need a clip in the timeline then press the fusion tab.
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Re: New User. Can't create any tools, nothing works.

PostMon Oct 08, 2018 10:29 pm

Fusion inside resolve works a little differently than stand alone fusion. Loaders and savers are replaced by media-in and media-out. These in turn connect to a source clip on the timeline, placing the fusion processes between the source clip and its presentation to the timeline. The fusion comp data is also attached to the clip on the timeline.

This is why, as Walter correctly pointed out, you start with a clip selected on the timeline and hit the fusion tab.

If you have a number of layered clips on the timeline, you can also select them all, right click and choose make fusion clip. This will bring them all into fusion with merge nodes to recreate the timeline layers.

The resolve manual has a section dedicated to fusion and aimed at resolve users, which is worth a read. Also be aware that the fusion integration is work in progress.

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