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3d map for a "race course fly over"

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3d map for a "race course fly over"

PostTue Jun 25, 2019 2:03 am

hi guys, extremely new fusion/davinci user here! hello :)

would anyone mind helping me to work through achieving the following please? and apologies, because im a new user to these forums i cant post urls but i've left exactly what you will need to paste into youtube.

what im aiming for initially... @ 1min 33s [search youtube for: "THE 2019 TIGER CLAW RACE | The Ginger Runner"]
once i know what im doing..... [search youtube for: Golden Trail World Series/2019/ Marathon du Mont-Blanc Race specs]

i've managed to replicate the workflow shown by jayaretv [search youtube for "Making a 3D map with NASA data in DaVinci Resolve"]

so i feel like i have a very basic understanding of the fundamentals.. however i have a couple of issues

1. i dont know how to create the lines that track the routes on the 3d model as shown in the examples
2. i don't have the greyscale height map data available for where i live (western australia) so i'm not sure the approach jayaretv uses is applicable..so any thoughts as to alternative methods to achieve this?

really appreciate anyone's input and thanks for your time :)


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