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Fusion nodes disappeared after crash !!!!

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David Chabashvili

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Fusion nodes disappeared after crash !!!!

PostSun Sep 08, 2019 4:56 pm

I'm on Resolve 16 Studio, latest public beta. For some reason it crashed while I was working on fusion comp inside a clip. When I loaded the project back, the clip was marked (stars) that it had fusion comps in, but when I went to Fusion tab nothing from what Ive done was there. Just MeadiaIn and MediaOut nodes, like nothing happened. At first I presumed I accidentally reset the fusion project. So I loaded a backup (made 15 minutes earlier automatically as per settings). The same - nothing in fusion tab under the same clip. I loaded earlier backup (30 minutes). Nothing there too. And only third backup had part of the nodes that Ive worked on and had to build the rest again.
My questions is why do nodes disappear???
Why does they disappeared in the recent backups??
Is there any way to recover them? I mean for simple comps its not a problem, but for big ones its going to pain.

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