A BIG thank you to Blackmagic Design

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A BIG thank you to Blackmagic Design

PostThu Jul 12, 2018 12:23 am

I have been in post production since the early '70's and was a pioneer in non-linear editing since the early '90's. I have had many different I/O cards (capture cards) in my time starting with Miro and then Plum, Matrox, Canopus and Decklink.

When I went Matrox I started with their Rx2000 DV cards. When I had to go SDI I got a Decklink Extreme (remember when you could extend the desktop to it!). When I went HD I got some Matrox MXO2's and Decklink HD's.

At the time I was at a crossroads having picked up some long term post work and while Matrox also had some new SDI cards they were way more expensive than the Decklink, but I chose the Decklinks even though they were reported to be buggy and unreliable. I had never had that experience and over the following years ended up purchasing 9 BMD Multibtidge Extremes (they had built in down converters).
I was using these with Avid, FCP 7, FCPX and Adobe.

Today I still use the Multibtidge Extremes on all my Mac workstaions and some PC's. As the Mac OS keeps getting upgraded these BMD boxes keep up, but my Matrox MXO2's abandoned ship at Yosemite and subsequently my last remaining MXO2 is stuck on a 2011 MacBook Pro (17").

But ALL my BMD devices are still chugging along, even with my latest migration to full DaVinci Resolve 15. I have left all my Mac Pro's set at El Capitan and they are far more stable than when I was running Adobe Premiere CC.

So thank you BMD for not abandoning my earlier investments and keeping them up to 'state of the art'.
Having said that, I suppose Apple should also be thanked for allowing my 2011 Mac Pro's to still operate superbly albeit with major memory and graphics card upgrades.
Now if only DaVinci had a Mercury playback style engine it would be game over for everyone else.


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