Audio recording in Fairlight is silent

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Audio recording in Fairlight is silent

PostTue Feb 11, 2020 7:07 pm

I regularly add voiceovers while editing in Resolve, however now after re-installing Windows and Resolve to do a SSD upgrade, I am not able to record any audio into Resolve. My interface (Behringer 404 HD) is recognized and playback works perfectly. I can select the input channel, patch it to the track in Fairlight, and see the signal coming in on the interfaces meters, but resolve records absolute silence.

This is not the same issue I've seen where the recorded track disappears after recording due to a sample rate mismatch, it simply records an audio track which is totally silent.

After discovering the issue, I opened Pro Tools and Ableton Live and recorded perfectly. So the devices clearly work, just not with Resolve.

Here are the full specs:

Intel i7 7820x
Asus GTX 1070 Dual
Asus X299 Prime-A motherboard
Samsung 970 Evo 500gb SSD
Windows 10 Pro

My audio interface is a Behringer UMC 404 HD. I've been using this setup for years with no issues at all until updating.

I have also tried this with a Tascam US800 and Behringer Q802 USB with similar results.


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Re: Audio recording in Fairlight is silent

PostWed Feb 12, 2020 10:46 pm

I get such a similar problem.
I want to use Logic Pro as a sampler in order to send sounds into Resolve (Fairlight). I use for this Soundflower, which is a virtual audio patch.
I give to Logic Pro Soundlower as audio output.
I give to my Fairlight track Soundflower as audio input (note that this is possible only if Soundflower appears to be your system audio input, because Fairlight only shows the system audio input...)
The audio output is Behringer FCA1616
I try to record sounds played by Logic Pro. It doesn't work
I do the same using Quicktime player. It works (I have to launch QT player first, then Resolve)
That means that audio inputs in Fairlight really have to be corrected in order to work. I noticed a lot of situations which don't have rational explanations relative to recording sounds in Fairlight.
In your case, try to shut down your computer and re-launch Resolve... Sometimes, I experimented that it works, but just a few time.
Fairlight is really the weak point of Resolve, and will get us out from this (theoretically) fantastic app...

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