ATEM Mini Output to Monitor Unavailable

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ATEM Mini Output to Monitor Unavailable

PostWed Feb 12, 2020 2:31 pm

Hey all,

Having a little trouble getting a signal from the ATEM Mini to a monitor. Plugged the ATEM Mini output into a Benq PD2700U and it connected with programme/preview etc fine. However, when plugged into a Samsung S27F350 and the signal wouldn't send. I could only get Camera 1 Direct through the output drop-down menu.

Does anyone know what monitor/TV specs are needed to ensure an output can be received? As far as I can tell its just the HDMI port that is the problem. The Benq has HDMI 2.0 whereas the Samsung HDMI 1.4. Would this be the issue? Or would it be something internally inside the monitor/TV?

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