Archiving BRAW 6K Project in Premiere

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Archiving BRAW 6K Project in Premiere

PostFri Feb 14, 2020 6:11 am

I think I may have painted myself into a corner here.
I didn't have time to learn resolve, so I went with tools I knew (or thought I did).

Shot in 6K BRAW and edited a project in my timeline oblivious to the fact that the timeline I dropped the footage into was a 6K timeline, when delivery was 1080p (though these issues seem to apply to other pojects with 1080p timelines with 6K footage dropped in).

Anyway, archiving doesn't work, because I can't transcode to any other format - prefumably because of resolution and bit depth limits of the formats themselves.

What happens is the archive function copies the entire clip across to the new location rather than just the bits I used.

The problem is I have several long interview takes, that I've punched in on in post to vary the shot size, edit out 'um's and 'ah's, that sort of thing.

If I make a 1080p proxy the closeups are blurry. If I change the sequence settings to 1080p, every clip is overscaled so all I see are huge necks everywhere. If instead I render and replace and the clip has been 'scaled to frame size' closeups are blurry. If they were 'set to frame size' they revert to the full frame mid shot but keep the position data, so there's a tiny head right at the bottom of the screen with a huge black space above. XML exports to Resolve don't seem to do anything.

Kinda stuck now trying to think what to do.

I need to be able to access the RAW 6K right up until the end of the end of the editing process because client edits often necessitate swapping the closeup for a medium shot and vice versa. I'd rather not just make a tight and a wide on ingest because people move and shift throughout interviews - what starts out as good framing probably won't be later on - besides, I want to be able to grade with full colour depth.


Thanks smart people. I'm not sure what I should do here, so any help is appreciated.
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Re: Archiving BRAW 6K Project in Premiere

PostFri Feb 14, 2020 8:12 pm

XML to resolve don’t do that you need be cause you not know the hidden secrets ;-)
Do that step
New project resolve
Import time line
In the panel enable something like “sizing info from xml”
Now you have wrong import be cause to be not destructive resolve import in fit mode all items
Go to project panel ( shift +9)
Scaling section
Setup scaling from “fit “ to “crop at center...”
Voilá now resolve see you timeline like you see in premiere.
Now you can archive section of braw with archive project and trimming infos from media panel

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Re: Archiving BRAW 6K Project in Premiere

PostSun Feb 16, 2020 6:54 am

Thanks Carlo,

Still wrestling with this, but your scaling advice was very helpful, thank you.

I ended up just putting all the BRAW footage on one track and rendering just that track out, then removed all the BRAW rushes from the project.

Still hasn't stopped Premiere wanting to include GB of footage in the export somehow....

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