Resolve 10: import XML crash

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Mathieu Marano

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Resolve 10: import XML crash

PostMon Nov 04, 2013 1:39 pm

I'm in a RED workflow. A 2min show was shot on Scarlet, converted to .mov/ProresHQ, edited in FCP7.
I got an XML for the timeline and opened it in Resolve 10 to reconnect to the R3D media. I did so to reframe and adjust the RAW parameters for the pre grade. Then I exported using the "Export to FCP" preset. It did so.

Now I want to re-import this new media and XML in a new Resolve project and Resolve keeps quitting when I try to import the XML it created.

I also went back to the conform page to export a new XML from the timeline and it does the same. It crashes when importing the XML it created. This happens in R9 and R10.
Mathieu Marano

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Johannes Hoffmann

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Re: Resolve 10: import XML crash

PostMon Nov 04, 2013 2:34 pm

I also see a lot of crashes when importing xml into Resolve (10). In my case the XML come from FCPX. I suspected compound clips and auditions in FCPX but could not nail it down. I sent several mails to the support with example XML but did not hear back.

What helped (at least so far) was to delete everything but the main timeline in FCPX (especially all audio) before exporting the XML.

Really bad to hear that DR crashes when opening its own XML. I hope this gets fixed soon.



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Re: Resolve 10: import XML crash

PostMon Nov 04, 2013 6:59 pm

Theres still any solution about the DR Beta 3 crashing after import an FCPXML? in my case i try to import each clip individually and it works perfect, but if i try to import the recently created FCPXML it crashes in less than a second.

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