Pan and Scan output for Std-Def in DaVinci

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Christian Stoehr

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Pan and Scan output for Std-Def in DaVinci

PostSun Oct 21, 2012 11:12 pm

I was wondering what the steps are to do a Pan And Scan output for 4:3 after I colored my project for the HD output. Do I need to start a new Project and set it up for 480p and then use the "Output sizing" option in the color tap ?
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Ola Haldor Voll

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Re: Pan and Scan output for Std-Def in DaVinci

PostMon Oct 22, 2012 6:36 am

You could render to the original size or HD first, just so you have one master. Then work off of this.
  • Export an EDL of the timeline.
  • Import the long, single QT file and use EDL for Pre-Conform
  • Set the project to the desired resolution and aspect ratio
  • Start using sizing, pan and scan on each clip as needed
  • Render to whatever codec needed

Keeps the original graded timeline with all the nodes intact without messing it up with pan and scan all over the place.

If you for some reason need to update the original grade, and then update the 4:3 version, just re-render the original timeline using the same filename, then jump to the 4:3 session or project, and it should basically be a matter of re-rendering that one too.
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