Compact Videohub appears to crash - where is system log?

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Compact Videohub appears to crash - where is system log?

PostWed Oct 24, 2012 7:12 am


Sorry if this has been posted before (I've had a bit of a look but couldn't find anything).
I have a TV station outputting from a Decklink Duo (in a Mac Pro) using Softon's On The Air Node (this has a plugin to control BMD Videohubs).
From the Mac Pro the signal is input to the Videohub - this input is routed to 4 outputs (we are simulcasting at the moment):

1. Digital SD Service 1
2. Digital SD Service 2
3. UpDownCross Mini Converter (which is looped through the Videohub then output to our Digital HD Service)
4. Analogue Service (there is a converter on the other end to convert to analogue)

Now hopefully that gives you a bit of a picture of our setup - here is the issue.
Every now and then (every few weeks to couple of months - quite random) the Videohub appears to crash. The inputs and outputs seem to still be active but I am not able to use the software to switch (and the Softron software is unable to switch automatically!), all that comes up in the software are blank push buttons (no labels or pictures). The only way I've been able to get it to work is to cycle the power on the Videohub but this is not the best when we've scheduled in live switches.
A Videohub log would help narrow down what is happening - is there a way to see the logs? via telnet or something?

Thanks for your help!


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