Decklink Studio 4K Desktop Video Update System Issues?

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Joseph Hung

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Decklink Studio 4K Desktop Video Update System Issues?

PostThu Oct 30, 2014 3:02 pm

I just installed the Decklink Studio 4K. I had to update drivers so I can use the card, and access system preferences, etc.

Once I did that, I started having strange system issues:
1) First it started with Google Chrome crashing upon launch
2) System Preferences stopped responding. I would launch, then click on anything to access those particular settings, and I would just get the beach ball of death and it becomes unresponsive.
3) The computer fails to shut down or restart properly. It will hang on the gray screens with cursor. I would have to do a hard shut down via the power button.

I did notice that when I started the computer right after I installed the card and updated the drivers, the fan noise was very minimal. But when I clicked on System Preferences, and it would hang, the fan on the card revs up to full RPM and is loud. It stays this way for the entire time I troubleshoot, until I deinstall the card eventually.

I have had no problems once I uninstall the card, and re-installed the original Intensity Pro I had in there for many years. No issue. My guess is the card and drivers associated.

I've done PRAM and SMC resets. I have safe booted with the card installed and all seems fine there (Chrome works, System Prefs works, shuts down properly). I have reinstalled the OS (not a wipe and install), and have uninstalled/reinstalled Desktop Video.

Anyone having these issues?


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Re: Decklink Studio 4K Desktop Video Update System Issues?

PostFri Feb 14, 2020 6:13 pm

Resurecting this old post:
Does anyone have info on a more quiet fan or a fanless solution?
I'll investigate a fanless big@ss heatsink.
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