Decklink Duo: no reference after driver update

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Decklink Duo: no reference after driver update

PostFri Nov 30, 2012 12:39 pm


We have a Decklink Duo SDI card installed on a HP Z400 workstation. The card has been working for months without any problem, with Blackmagic driver version 8.6.

We recently updated the driver from 8.6 to the latest version (9.6.8) and now the card is not detecting the reference input signal. The reference is a valid PAL Black Burst and is working fine with other equipment. We also tried to feed the card directly with a reference signal generator with the same result.

We tried rolling back the driver in this workstation, but it did not solved the problem. We installed this card in another workstation with driver 9.0 without success. It seems like if the driver update changed "something" inside the card, causing the problem with the input reference.

We also tried with another Decklink Duo card (working fine in another machine) and it does not work in our workstation. The input reference is not detected.

Any idea??

Thanks in advance.

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