Modifying EDID on Intensity Shuttle

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Steinar H. Gunderson

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Modifying EDID on Intensity Shuttle

PostTue Nov 17, 2015 2:07 pm


Is there a way to modify the EDID the Intensity Shuttle (USB3) sends out? It advertises 1080i, which causes laptops to happily choose that resolution even though my chain isn't too happy about it. (Of course, you can change the resolution on the laptop… except if you're plugging devices in and out all day, it's not so nice.)

Is there a way to tell it to e.g. cap the resolution list at 720p?

Optionally, publishing firmware enabling the fabled 1080p60 support would be nice, of course, but I'm not holding my breath… (Yes, I know if you have the Thunderbolt version, you can downgrade to a version that supports 1080p60. This is about USB3.)


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Re: Modifying EDID on Intensity Shuttle

PostThu Jan 25, 2018 10:30 am

Agreed! Control of the EDID would solve many issues - not least that that intensity shuttle advertises 1080p60 on the HDMI input - but does not actually support this! I have both the USB3 and Thunderbolt intensity shuttles, and they do not play nice with auto-detect HDMI outputs from camcorders.

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