DeckLink Mini Recorder 4K MP4 or ISO ?

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DeckLink Mini Recorder 4K MP4 or ISO ?

PostFri Mar 17, 2017 12:53 am

I looked carefully through the manual and didn't see any way to capture 4K video/audio other then using an MP4 file.
Can one save the video/audio directly to an ISO file or even MKV would work ?
There is software that can convert MP4 to ISO or MKV, but it would save allot of time not having to do that.
I want to be able to play the contents back in Media Player Classic Home Cinema.

Or rather then capturing the contents, would it be possible to simply watch the content as it's being captured on MPC-HC ?
That would be even better... :)

I've never used a capture card before, so I have no idea what its capable of.

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