Blacks Getting Crushed after AE Import

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Blacks Getting Crushed after AE Import

PostFri Apr 14, 2017 3:17 pm

So this used to be my workflow when i had to edit clips in AE.
I record everything in RAW and export clips in YUV 10bit.
Then import to AE, add my effects and export as YUV 10bit
The colors used to be exactly the same as in the original dngs

But since yesterday, the blacks get crushed when I import my davinci YUV into AE. it looks like a rec709 issue, but i cant figure out when this happens.
Im not sure if its a davinci issue or an AE issue, but it only happens with davinci clips exported since yesteday. It works with older exports and i didnt update AE and neither davinci.

After the DAVINCI export the clips look good in VLC player, but the blacks get crushed as soon as i import the clips into AE

I guess i must have accientally changes preferences.
I also tried creating new AE projects. - same issue
Any ideas what to look in to?

thanx for any input

Andrew Kolakowski

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Re: Blacks Getting Crushed after AE Import

PostFri Apr 14, 2017 6:27 pm

Make sure that when you export it's set to Auto Levels or Video. Don't export v210 with Data levels as AE assumes Video levels.

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